Featured Artists 2012 / 2013


Patricia (Pat) Nicholson was born and raised in Montreal, Canada but has lived in the Cayman Islands for most her adult life.  She has raised her family in Cayman, welcomed her granddaughter and considers the Cayman Islands her home.

Pat’s artistic focus shifted from pottery to Batik several years ago when she was first introduced to the medium and was instantly captivated.

“Batik is an adventure. Until the work is completed, submerged in the final dye bath and the wax removed, the outcome is not certain. This reveal is the most exciting part of the process and no two works will ever be exactly the same.”

Inspired by her experiences scuba diving in Cayman’s pristine waters, the colors and creatures of the sea are featured in a series of “undersea fantasies.”

Pat’s work is often whimsical but her work also includes abstracts, floral images and landscapes.



Shirley Scott has lived in the Cayman Islands since the late 1970s having relocated from Jamaica with her family.

Her first ventures in art were watercolours and graphic designs subsequently gravitating to batik, ceramics and stained glass.

Batik became popular and recognizable as a fabric art to be worn, however through one’s imagination they can depict scenes rather than patterns.  Shirley especially likes to feature nature and people in her work and her upbringing in the Caribbean, together with an oriental background often produce exciting and vibrant results.

Like many other arts, Batik is quite demanding of the artists’ skills but the effort is worth the results.  The discipline of waxing and dyeing require time and patience and each step has to be carefully planned.

Very much involved in the local art scene, Shirley has exhibited at the Full of Beans restaurant, and with the Visual Arts Society.  Her artwork can also be purchased at Pure Art Gallery and Gifts.


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