Workshop Artists

Nancy Davey

I have dabbled in art since I was about five years old and began drawing pictures of my neighborhood houses, knocking on their doors and selling what I thought were masterpieces! Throughout my education, Art has always been my passion and over the years I have worked in many mediums- pencil, charcoal, acrylic, mosaics, children’s murals, and glass. I have focused my efforts in stained glass for over ten years initially taking courses in the craft and quickly moving to a self-taught artist. Since my move to Grand Cayman I am able to devote more time to my craft. My work usually starts with a picture or other artwork, that has captured my eye, something in the environment or a theme. This picture or theme is then sketched to begin the process of making a design which can be cut from glass. Stained glass is an exacting medium which requires great patience, care and attention to detail, but to see the sun shining through brilliant colored glass is worth all the effort.

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